What was the first lesson of your bachelor microbiology

We were 5th batch both in the microbiology department and in the university. After orientation class, the first lecture of our whole university life was delivered in Room No 304 of Bangabandhu Academic Building. It was the most beautiful room in the Microbiology department. We were waiting for our teacher to enter the room. On that day we didn’t know all of our friends (total of 35 students). I only introduced with 4/5 friends.

A black coated nice young man Dr. Tanvirul Islam entered the room. I can’t remember his tie color. He received his Ph.D. degree from Kumamoto University Japan and a bachelor degree from the University of Dhaka. He first introduced himself and started asking a few of us why we chose microbiology rather than any other department of the faculty such as pharmacy, genetic engineering, and fisheries. Different students replied different answer. I replied, “I came here to enjoy the beauty of the microbial universe, to learn it, to explore it”.

He started delivering his lesson and wrote “culture media” on the whiteboard. Yes, it was about culture media and its different types. I didn’t understand it properly on that lesson. I couldn’t differentiate the concept of selective media with that of the differential media. Although it was a too easy thing to understand, only I didn’t have differential sensitivity to make differentiate it.

He recommended us two books. First one was “Microbiology: an Introduction” written by Tortora, Funke, and Case. Another one was “Brock Biology of Microorganisms”. A new book is new feelings. I bought only the first one because it is the easiest introductory microbiology book I read.

It was the started point of our university life, microbiology life. Some will be scientists, some will be a teacher and some will take any other professions as his/her desire.

Any first thing is ever memorable. It can’t be forgotten if you aren’t an Alzheimer patient.

You have also a memorable first lesson, so let me know what was the first lesson of your bachelor microbiology.


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