Exploring the Antimicrobial Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

best olive leaf extract on the market

It’s no secret that nutritional supplements contain elements that help the mind and the body. What you may not know is that there are supplements with the ability to provide some of what the body needs to deal with microbial infections. One of those happens to be olive leaf extract, especially when the process used to prepare the supplement allows the extract to retain most of the nutritional value. …

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Antibiotics for Intestinal Bacterial Infection

Prescription of antibiotics for intestinal bacterial infection mainly depends on several symptoms and causes. Several bacteria known as food poisoning bacteria cause bacterial intestinal infection or gastroenteritis or food poisonings. No antibiotics are suggested for simple infection. But in case of acute infection, physicians suggest several antibiotics for intestinal bacterial infection. …

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What was the first lesson of your bachelor microbiology

We were 5th batch both in the microbiology department and in the university. After orientation class, the first lecture of our whole university life was delivered in Room No 304 of Bangabandhu Academic Building. It was the most beautiful room in the Microbiology department. We were waiting for our teacher to enter the room. On that day we didn’t know all of our friends (total of 35 students). I only introduced with 4/5 friends. …

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15 antibiotic alternatives used against microbes

Antibiotic alternatives may be the solution to the antibiotic resistance problem. Antibiotic resistance is increasing day by day over the world and this will cause a dramatic danger to human civilization. It is now suspected that millions of people will die due to the increasing antibiotic resistance by 2050. Therefore, this increased resistance emphasizes the researchers to find new antimicrobial agents for combating microbial diseases. This article describes 15 antibiotic alternatives some of which may have strong antimicrobial effectiveness against microbial infection. …

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8 controversies about phage therapy

Phage viruses have attracted a great attention  recently as it is now considered one of the best alternatives to antibiotics.
Phages are the viruses that can replicate in the bacterial host cells, kill pathogenic bacterial cells, and are able to produce new lytic phages to keep pace with the mutation of pathogens. However, the replacement of antibiotics by phages in the treatment of bacterial diseases encounters several controversies because of the following reasons: …

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HIV treatment: A new drug developed

Since the discovery of HIV virus, scientists have been trying to find a better  HIV treatment. Although few antiretroviral drugs have been developed, they couldn’t give full hope to the patient.

Recently, a new drug “Gammora”  has been developed by Israeli scientists, which can eradicate up to 99% of HIV infected cells. The drug gammora in its first human trial has been succeeded to get this positive result.
Researchers of Zion Medical, an Israeli Biotech Company developed this drug and they proved that the drug can eliminate up to 99% of viral load even within first four week of treatment. …

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