Gut health and sex- a connection between them

There is a strong connection between gut health and sex. Research suggests that there are several factors that control our sexual desire and libido. Gut health condition is one of them.

Out gut is composed of millions of neurons that transfer the message from gut to brain. Therefore these neurons control our moods and sexual desire.

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Dysbiosis- Cause, Symptoms, and Treatment


Dysbiosis is the imbalance of gut bacteria. Dysbiosis is caused by a bacterial infection, excessive use of antibiotics, stress, diet and poor nutrition. This dysbiosis or imbalance of gut bacteria cause gut permeability or leaky gut syndrome.It also causes other gut health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, celiac disease and many more.

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Gut health and depression have a strong connection

There is a strong connection between gut health and depression. You know the gut is considered to be our second brain. Emotion like depression, anxiety or stress is also linked to our gut health as well as our mental health. This connection of our gut health and depression is in a bidirectional pathway. People with poor gut health easily experience mental issues like depression and anxiety. Depression also causes several gut health problem like the disruption of the composition of gut bacteria, leaky gut syndrome, and inflammation.

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Gut healthy diet: best foods for gut health

Gut healthy diet refers to the foods that are essential to take for improving gut health. Gut healthy diet increase the number of good bacteria in our gut and remove the harmful bacteria. Beneficial bacteria of our gut improve gut health. A higher number of good bacteria in the gut means better gut health. Better gut health causes an improvement of mental health, reduce the digestive problem (gas, bloating, chronic diarrhea and constipation), reduce the risk of colon cancer and improve the immune system.

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Antibiotics for Intestinal Bacterial Infection

Prescription of antibiotics for intestinal bacterial infection mainly depends on several symptoms and causes. Several bacteria known as food poisoning bacteria cause bacterial intestinal infection or gastroenteritis or food poisonings. No antibiotics are suggested for simple infection. But in case of acute infection, physicians suggest several antibiotics for intestinal bacterial infection.

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10 Best Probiotics for Men in 2019

Probiotics for men slightly varies from probiotics for women. Our next post will discuss “best probiotics for women. This content is on the best probiotics for men.
Probiotics are the food or supplement or capsule that contain several bacterial strains. These strains cause a benefit to our gut health as well as immune system and mental health. These bacterial strains keep the right balance of gut bacteria. They support the beneficial gut bacteria to grow and inhibit the harmful bacteria.

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Gut health problem with 12 signs and 12 tips to heal your gut

Better gut health helps a person maintain a happier life. As gut health become destroyed by different reasons, it is necessary to heal your gut. To heal your gut you will have to maintain several simple techniques.
A healthy gut represents a better balance of gut bacteria. A human gut comprises trillion of various bacteria that affect the body functioning. For example, gut bacteria helps your body obtain a better gut health by breaking down food particles, absorbing nutrients, breaking down some medications and by inhibiting the growth of some infectious bacteria. These gut bacteria also affect the human brain. It is said that “human gut microbiota is the second brain in the human body”.

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Bacillus cereus; overall discussion

Bacillus cereus is a spore-producing rod-shaped, gram-positive bacterium. It releases toxins that result in vomiting or diarrhea. Bacillus cereus infections are self-limiting, mild, and harmless. Some strains of this bacterium are beneficial as it is used as probiotics for animals. Bacillus cereus is a food-borne bacteria. It also found in soil. It causes fried rice syndrome. Spore formation causes it to survive adverse environments including normal cooking temperatures. This bacterium is also resistant to alcohol treatment. Few strains of this bacterium produce bacteriocins used to kill the other strains of Bacillus cereus or other gram-positive bacteria.

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List of foodborne disease and prevention

The increased rate of foodborne disease has become a great concern over the world. Every year millions of people are infected with foodborne pathogens, get hospitalized and die due to the consumption of foods along with a variety of foodborne pathogens transmitted onto foods. There are several bacteria that cause foodborne disease associated with various food, we consume every day. In this context, a list of foodborne disease has been discussed along with the associated infectious bacteria and foods they found. This list of foodborne disease makes you understand the symptoms of food poisoning, foods, hygeine, and bacteria.

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What was the first lesson of your bachelor microbiology

We were 5th batch both in the microbiology department and in the university. After orientation class, the first lecture of our whole university life was delivered in Room No 304 of Bangabandhu Academic Building. It was the most beautiful room in the Microbiology department. We were waiting for our teacher to enter the room. On that day we didn’t know all of our friends (total of 35 students). I only introduced with 4/5 friends.

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