Importance of Microbiology in Nursing

importance of microbiology in nursing

The study of microbiology for nursing students is very essential. As microbiology deals with the study of little organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, etc, they need to learn microbiology in their every step of nursing services. Thus they can’t ignore the importance of microbiology in nursing.

When they study Medical Microbiology they need to study about the microbes that infect humans, the disease they causes, their diagnosis, prevention and treatment.
The knowledge of microbiology play an important role to make them understand the maintenance of personal and community hygiene, the fundamentals of hospital and prevention of illnesses .

Importance of Microbiology in Nursing :

We can see the importance of microbiology in nursing care falls in several sections of the hospital :

1. Intensive Care Nurseries.
2. Obstetric Units
3. Communicable disease Wards ( Infectious disease wards )
4. Operation Theaters
5. Burn Units

1. Intensive Care Nurseries :-

As nurses have to work with Respirators, Exchange transfusions, Umbilical catheters, Gastrostomy feeds, they need to know hygienic use of these materials.
They take care of incubators and maintain sterile atmospheric environment in this branch of health care .

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2. Obstetric Units :-

In hospital or clinic, pureperal and postabortal infections cause a significant number of death.
It is a microbial infection of the birth canal after abortion or childbirth that finally results in phlebitis and peritonitis.
The microbiological knowledge of the nurses help the nurse prevent these infections.

3. Communicable disease wards :

Patients infected with microbial disease are admitted in communicable disease wards and are taken care. The nurses have to care for these patients by using aseptic technique and by taking proper measures to prevent transmission of the infection to other patients.

4. Operation Theaters :

Operation theaters must be an sterile environment.
The Nurse in the operation theater plays an important role in keeping the atmosphere sterile by frequent fumigation procedures at a specific time interavals.
They also have to sterile various surgical instruments regularly.

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5. Burns Units :

Though, a burn is a sterile wound initially within a few hours, the wound can easily get infected by harmful bacteria.
The nurse can prevent bacterial infection from burned patients in the hospital by using aseptic technique.

6. C S S U :

The central sterilization unit in the hospital is an important section to prevent microbial infections in the hospital.
Sterilization technique is an important topic of microbiology.
The knowledge of sterilization technique help the nurse improve the quality of work in this unit.

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