Where does glycolysis occur or take place in cell?  

Where  does glycolysis occur or take place in cell?

Glycolysis occurrs in cytoplasm while many other cellular reaction take place in mitochondria.
But this answer is not always true.
In some cases, Glycolysis occurs in different location in different species.
For example,
In protozoa like trypanosoma brucei, the glycolysis process take place in glycosome. The glycosome is a membrane bound organelle of cytoplasm.
In plant the the glycolysis process take place in cytosol and plastid.
In some plants and protists, the glycolysis process take place in mitochondria.
In some cases, several enzymes of glycolytic pathways interact with mitochondrial membrane in chlamydomonas, human and even yeast.

The purpose of glycolysis is to breakdown glucose to get cellular energy in the chemical form of ATP. Although it produces only two molecule of ATP.
Glycolysis means the breakdown of glucose.
Glycolysis is the first and central pathway for cellular respiration in most cell like animal cells, plant cells, and microbial cells.
The steps of glycolysis occurs in cytoplasm of the cell.
And the rest of pathways of cellular respiration like krebs cycle and election transport system occur in mitochondria.
Living organisms like animals, plants, and microbes require energy to carry out their metabolic function. Cellular respiration is the process that produce energy (called ATP) and Carbon dioxide either in aerobic conditions or in anaerobic condition.

Glycolysis occurs in cytosol of cytoplasm. Because glucose and enzymes involved in glycolytic pathway are found in cytosol at higher concentration. Moreover, all the chemical reactions require the supply of cellular energy before the reaction can start.
Glycolysis use a little amount of energy to proceed, and give back few energy to the cells.
That’s, you know 10 steps of glycolysis process occurs in two phases. In first phase of the glycolysis process, 2 molecules of ATPs (cellular energy) are used to break down sugar.
But the second phase of glycolysis process produces 4 molecules of ATPs.

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