7 Role of Yeast in Fermentation

role of yeast in fermentation of alcohol

Yeast is one of the most important fermenters for various fermented products and foods. The role of yeast in fermentation is that it reduces the pH level during fermentation. It also gives good quality such as texture, taste, nutritive values, odor, and functional properties of fermented products. It is used in fermented food either alone or with the association of other bacteria. …

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Electron transport chain (systems) or Oxidative Phosphorylation

steps of electron transport chain or oxidative phosphorylation2

What is the electron transport chain or systems:

The electron transport chain (system) is a chain or series of the carrier molecule. These molecules can oxidize and reduce other molecules. The other name of the electron transport chain is oxidative phosphorylation.
This chain occurs in a step by step process and electron are passed through this chain. This process causes the release of energy that is used to generate ATPs in chemiosmosis process. …

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