Infectious diseases questions and answers

In this context, several infectious diseases questions and answers have been given to you. First, without looking at the answer section try to answer the questions. This is a question paper written as the first part.

Several parts or series will be given for you. These will help you find out the level of your microbiology knowledge. If you are a microbiology student or job seeker it will be very helpful for you in the viva board.

This part asks you 20 questions and for answering each question, you will get 1 mark. That means your exam is 20 marks. Check your score by answering the following questions. Let me know your score in the comment box.

Infectious diseases questions and answers:

Define the following terms:

  1. Pathology
  2. Pathogenesis
  3. Infection
  4. Disease
  5. Host
  6. Normal microbiota or Normal  flora
  7. Transient microbiota
  8. Symbiosis
  9. Mutualism
  10. Parasitism
  11. Commensalism
  12. Opportunistic pathogen
  13. Nosocomial infection
  14. Communicable disease
  15. Non-communicable disease
  16. Contagious disease
  17. Microbial antagonism or competitive exclusion
  18. Compromised host
  19. Epidemiology.
  20.  Emerging Infection Disease.

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