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Griffith experiment: gene transformation in bacteria

Frederick Griffith (England) in 1928 took an experiment to vaccinate mice against pneumonia by injecting the mice with heat-killed bacteria of encapsulated strain.

For this purpose, he worked with two strains of Streptococcus pneumonia. One is virulent (pathogenic) and other is avirulent. The virulent strain has a polysaccharide capsule in its cell wall. …

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Gut Dysbiosis Treatment Symptoms diagnosis cause and prevention

=Gut dysbiosis treatment

Dysbiosis is the imbalance of gut bacteria. Dysbiosis is caused by a bacterial infection, excessive use of antibiotics, stress, diet and poor nutrition. This dysbiosis or imbalance of gut bacteria causes gut permeability or leaky gut syndrome. It also causes other gut health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, celiac disease and many more. So it’s important to know about gut dysbiosis treatment, diagnosis symptom causes, and prevention. …

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10 Best Probiotics for Men’s Digestion and Weight Loss

Probiotics for men slightly varies from probiotics for women. Our next post will discuss “best probiotics for women. This content is on the best probiotics for men.
Probiotics are the food or supplement or capsule that contain several bacterial strains. These strains cause a benefit to our gut health as well as immune system and mental health. These bacterial strains keep the right balance of gut bacteria. They support the beneficial gut bacteria to grow and inhibit the harmful bacteria. …

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How to increase good bacteria in gut naturally

Better gut health helps a person maintain a happier life. As gut health becomes destroyed by different reasons, it is necessary to heal your gut. To heal your gut you will have to maintain several simple techniques.
A healthy gut represents a better balance of gut bacteria. A human gut comprises trillion of various bacteria that affect the body functioning. For example, gut bacteria help your body obtain better gut health by breaking down food particles, absorbing nutrients, breaking down some medications and by inhibiting the growth of some infectious bacteria. These gut bacteria also affect the human brain. It is said that “human gut microbiota is the second brain in the human body”. …

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