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Traditional Indian fermented foods and health benefits

indian fermented foods and health benefits

As Traditional Indian fermented foods contain probiotics, they are also called Indian probiotics foods. Indian people find these fermented foods delicious and beneficial for health. That’s why Traditional Indian fermented foods are very popular with Indians and travelers that visit India. These foods are rich in probiotics such as Lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. These are also best for their taste and health benefit. …

10 Applications of Fermentation at Industrial Level

Applications of Fermentation at Industrial Level

People ask why is fermentation important or what is the application or importance of fermentation technology? The applications of fermentation include a wide range of uses of the fermentation process. The uses of fermentation are applied in various sectors such as in pharmaceuticals, brewing, baking, and dairy industry. Fermentation also gives us a health benefit as it benefits our digestive system through nutritious fermented foods. Fermentation is the process by which microbes convert carbohydrates to ethanol and lactic acids. …