Dysbiosis- Cause, Symptoms, and Treatment


Dysbiosis is the imbalance of gut bacteria. Dysbiosis is caused by a bacterial infection, excessive use of antibiotics, stress, diet and poor nutrition. This dysbiosis or imbalance of gut bacteria cause gut permeability or leaky gut syndrome.It also causes other gut health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, celiac disease and many more.

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Gut health and depression have a strong connection

There is a strong connection between gut health and depression. You know the gut is considered to be our second brain. Emotion like depression, anxiety or stress is also linked to our gut health as well as our mental health. This connection of our gut health and depression is in a bidirectional pathway. People with poor gut health easily experience mental issues like depression and anxiety. Depression also causes several gut health problem like the disruption of the composition of gut bacteria, leaky gut syndrome, and inflammation.

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